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| 20 minute read

How to set up a local web development environment in macOS Sierra 10.12 with Apache, Virtual Hosts, PHP, and custom hostnames per project.

| 13 minute read

Learn how to leverage Vagrant for all of your VirtualBox local development and engineering needs

| 2 minute read

Yup. The site looks slightly different.

| 7 minute read

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript For Loops, While Loops, and Do.. While Loops. Find out when to use each loop depending upon your scenario.

| 9 minute read

Learn how to effortlessly install Jekyll on OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Jump start your next project with the Jekyll boilerplate and these useful Jekyll commands.

| 6 minute read

Find out how you can build a Jekyll XML sitemap without any additional plugins or Gems.

| 4 minute read

Ending the year with a bang! Check out the new layout and what's in store for the tail end of 2015 and into early 2016.

| 12 minute read

Everyone is new to Git and GitHub and has to learn somewhere. Check out this guide on GitHub collaboration. Fork it!

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